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3 Quick Tips to Enjoy a Sustainable Run Season

With the nicer weather upon us, the motivation to tie up those running shoes and hit the pavement is in full bloom! It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but if you want your season to last, injury-free, follow my top 3 tips:

1) Don't go from zero to hero.

Build capacity gradually. Follow a progressive program but most importantly, listen to your body. You may need to adjust the program to ensure you are avoiding over-training while still getting the desired training effect i.e. being able to run longer or faster with the same or less effort.

2) Don't underestimate the power of recovery.

By allowing your tissues time to heal, you'll be able to perform better on your next run. There are many ways to help speed up the recovery process including techniques such as Fascial Stretch Therapy, massage from an RMT, self-myofascial release (with tools such as foam rollers and lacrosse balls), taking an extra day off if not feeling recovered from previous workouts, and applying proper nutrition.

3) Nip aches, pains and nigglies in the bud.

Seek help from a practitioner, or coach who has a background in post-rehab or corrective exercise, who can help manage and restore more optimal muscle balance/conditioning to save your joints, and get you running faster (if you want to!) Your body will thank you, and you will thank your body for allowing you to get that spring back in your step and experience that awesome 'runner's high' feeling.

Have fun out there!

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