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"Carla applies the art and science of personal training to both healthy and post-rehab clients. Her clients achieve their goals while enjoying the process."


"Carla is a brilliant trainer. She worked with me after I was in recovery from a traffic accident (broken back). She was thorough, thoughtful with a program and careful. I would highly recommend her."


"I worked with Carla when she was a personal trainer at Totum, and I was a player with Toronto's elite level ultimate frisbee club, GOAT. Carla coordinated and led strengthening and conditioning sessions for our team during the off-season. Sessions were well planned, effective for our training and promoted a strong team-oriented attitude that carried into our regular season. Carla incorporated various agility, plyometric, reactivity and other relevant dynamic movement drills that were specific to our sport. I would recommend Carla as a knowledgeable personal trainer for any team or individual looking to up their game."


"I had always considered myself a fit and active person, but as I entered my 40s I was finding it harder and harder to keep it up without injury. Back pain, shoulder issues, knee problems, my overall mobility was deteriorating and it was incredibly frustrating. Aging sucks. It all came to a head at an annual check-up a few years back when a doctor commented 'you seem fit-ish, but move like a rusted-out robot'. He then asked if I had considered a trainer? I hadn't. Soon after I was introduced to Carla. It has been game changing. She took the time to really understand my issues, helped me set goals, curated a plan, and has kept me focussed and motivated. No longer the tin man held together by duct tape, I'm feeling better than I have in years. She has been creative, methodical, and endlessly patient. Under her watch I ran a marathon in 2018. My first. Something I never would have considered without her help and support along the way. Carla knows her stuff. I highly recommend"

MATT | 2018

"Carla is one of kind and I believe rare find. Extremely talented, knowledgable, thoughtful and passionate about her craft. As someone who has done far too much sitting in offices and planes, and not enough life management I had no awareness of my body and everyday choices. Carla coached me for a number of years in an extremely tailored manner and fast tracked strength, fitness and everyday awareness of my posture choices. I didn't want to be the fittest, fastest, strongest but I did want to be healthy and mobile and get better at the exercise I choose to do. Carla can offer anybody a route to improvement..."


"As a marathoner, hot yogi, and frequent gym-goer, I had high expectations when I began seeing Carla (recommended by a male co-worker). I was impressed by her deep knowledge of fitness and scrupulous focus on form, but also her organized and courteous manner whilst scheduling sessions into busy lives. In addition, she worked with the club's medical practitioners—whom I was also seeing—to facilitate my speedy recovery from a sports injury. Carla is a first-class trainer with a professional and positive demeanour, and I recommend her to anyone regardless of size, age, or fitness level."


"Carla has been an unbelievable partner and coach over the last four years as I have increased the time and energy that I put against my personal health and fitness. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always approachable – building programs that are customized to the interests and abilities of each client. I am not one who enjoys working out and often find myself dragging my feet into the gym but working with Carla is always fun and I leave feeling energized and motivated. Over the time we have worked together I have increased my strength, my stability and even my cardio capacity – as I have learned that I actually can run on the treadmill for an extended period of time!!

Carla’s commitment to her own personal growth as a trainer is apparent as she is always enrolled in programs to expand her own skills. As a result she brings a high degree of creativity to her work. I can recommend Carla without hesitation. She is a true expert who is genuinely committed to helping me be my best self"

PAULA R. | 2018

"What makes Carla stand out as an exceptional trainer is her unending knowledge of the human body and how it works, and her unbelievable attention to teaching the proper form for each exercise. The results are phenomenal and I look forward to continuing to improve in strength and mobility as I work with Carla. I would not hesitate to recommend Carla - she is one of a kind!"


"As a person who values ongoing physical health and an integral part of a considered life, making the decision to work with Carla was a smart one! Carla embodies what I feel are crucial attributes of a personal trainer – ability to closely listen, to pay attention to small details, flexibly able to push you while instilling the importance of body awareness, wealth of experience in body mechanics/kinesiology/anatomy, motivational and with a solid commitment to her own health and well-being. As such I have no trouble offering a strong recommendation for Carla."


"I had the pleasure of working with Carla for some personal training for 6 months. She was an awesome person to work with. I was recovering from an injury and she really took the time to design a program that would get me back in shape and strengthen my injured area. She was an absolute pro to work with and was always punctual, motivational, had a great attitude and made working out challenging and fun! I would highly recommend Carla to anyone who is looking for a great workout with a great person!"


"I have been working with Carla on strength training for the past year following a muscular injury. Carla was recommended by a colleague at St Michaels hospital in Toronto. As a physician, I am impressed by her deep knowledge of biomechanics, her generosity of spirit and her ability to communicate. She is highly respected by her colleagues and clients."


"Having worked at a fitness club, I've observed literally dozens of personal trainers at work firsthand, and Carla is without a doubt the most diligent and studious of them all. She's also been my trainer for years. Her dedication to lifelong learning is matched only by her dedication to her clients' success. She's also reliable, great to work with, and results-oriented. You won't find a better trainer out there."


"Carla is a highly educated, very professional and a results driven trainer. She was wonderful to work with and have as a part of the team. Her passion for fitness and dedication in helping people to change their lives, truly shows through with each and every client that she works with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carla as a registered kinesiologist, post rehab specialist or certified personal trainer."


"Carla completed our Medical Exercise Specialist training and has provided excellent outcomes for her clients. Her experience in sports medicine, kinesiology and medical exercise give her skills and knowledge that make her one of the best Medical Exercise Specialists in Ontario."

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